Tuesday, October 25, 2011

when the last teardrops falls

It's so hard
To lose the one u love
To finally have to say goodbye
U try to be strong
But the pain keeps holding on
And all that u can do is cry

Deep within ur heart
U know it's time to move on
When the fairytale that u once knew is gone

When the last teardrop falls
I'll still be holding on
To all of our memories
And all of what used to be

When the last teardrop falls
I will stand tall
And know that ur here with me
In my heart
When the last teardrop falls

So now i'm alone
And life keeps moving on
But my destinations still unknown

Will there'll be a time when i'll fall in love again?
When i just meant to walk these streets alone

If there was just one wish i could be granted here tonight
It would be to have u right back by my side

Now it's time for me to find my happiness again
But the emptiness from missing u
Will never, ever end baby

P/s : Miss him..
Go and get ur life ^^

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4 sedang makan angin:

DOMU-KON said...

nape sedih sangat nie.. ayaya.. kalu nak sedih lagi..dgrkan lagu someone like you nyanyian adele.. kalau nak hepi..dengrkan lagu... happy..dgrkan lagu bawalh daku bersamamu..jgn sedih2..

Asyikin said...

miss him tooo.. hihih, errr i mean mine :)

pinky_liscious said...

@DOMU-KONhuhu...thnx domu... ;)

pinky_liscious said...

@Asyikinsame2 la nie..hehe

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