Friday, January 27, 2012

Part of life..

  • ur smell
  • ur style
  • ur attitude
  • ur words
  • ur smile
  • ur cuteness
I miss the way u are!!
I wonder how boys feel when they are in love. That they do the same like girls do?? Do they have u on their mind 24/7 or atleast quarter of that? Do they wait for u to come online for hours like girls do? Do they smile at random times at the thought of u? Do they miss u all the time? Do they think about the smallest things u say?

Only they know..

P/s: lumrah manusia la bila rasa rindukan sesorang. jangan menidakkan perasaan rindu tu sebab logiknya (gembira, sedih, rindu, benci, marah, etc) adelah sebahagian dari hidup kita. :)

Go and get ur life ^^

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