Wednesday, July 27, 2011

The Accidental Couple

A story about a postal service employee Goo Dong Baek, an average person who has never had a proper date in his 30-something year old life. That is, until top rated star Han Ji Soo comes crashing literally into his world. Goo Dong Baek helps actress Han Ji Soo out of a tight situation & was dragged into the situation to cover up her secret lover’s relationship from the paparazzi hungry for a scoop, only to find himself agreeing to pretend to be her significant partner for six months where their relationship begins because of a marriage of convenience for 6 months. Six months period of time with her elapses like a midsummer night's dream. But he cannot just end up his love like a “dream”. Shouting out love! His love has just begun.


* Hwang Jung Min as Goo Dong Baek
* Kim Ah Joong as Han Ji Soo
* Joo Sang Wook as Kim Kang Mo (Ji Soo's secret love)

don't forget to watch!!seyesly its fun.. and i really2 like it..~

Go and get ur life ^^

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4 sedang makan angin:

ken said...

long time no watch korean dramas edy :)

pinky_liscious said...

hehe.. so dont forget to watch it ok?

Apple Zara said...

Tengah layan sekarang ni, hehe :)

pinky_liscious said...

apple zara .. owh yeke.. jeleznya.. nak tgk gak!!!

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