Friday, May 13, 2011


style is often associated with what u wear,so it is good to know a little bit more about's not about branded clothes and accessories,but it's more about learning how to mix and match ur clothes to flatter ur's simple!!juz open ur wordrobe and try to mix and match ur me,it's fun! the best stylistas know their assets and how to show them off in flattering clothing..u can do the same by finding out what works for ur body type,skin tone and so on..juz bear in mind that style and comfort go hand in hand..try it and have fun while u're at it..oops!!lupa lak..some gurlz are naturals when it comes to fashion..if u have friends like that,make a point to go shopping with will help u pick on all those cool tips...!

Go and get ur life ^^

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Nava Krishnan said...

Style is about being comfortable in what you wear and looking good.

I always go for classic style which never run of fashion.

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