Tuesday, May 10, 2011

3 steps...CONFIDENCE..

believe that u are's mean it's ur personality that makes u beautiful..mostly never believe it till now,but beauty comes from that inner most part of u that believes in urself and ur dreams..being beautiful is being strong to hold on to ur values even when the world tell us otherwise..!

must do!!groom's taking a little extra care to present urself well can do wonders for ur appearance it's not a lot of work..juz keep ur hair tidy,dress appropriately for even occasion and also refine ur manners!!

dont juz sit and sleep..but u must workout and eat u know a part of making fashion work for u comes from a lifestyle of healthy eating and frequent exercise..beside that,when u treat ur body right,ur body will thank u with the happy buzz off feeling good hormones all day long!!

Go and get ur life ^^

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3 sedang makan angin:

LION GIRL said...

Hmmm, very wise advice indeed! I look into the mirror everyday - hmmm, tak cantik pun, but I have confidence! I believe it is all in the mind, not in our looks. Of course, it is always good to look at something pretty and beautiful!

pinky_liscious said...

its good if u hve dat..keep it up k...cheers..

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