Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Myself.. Urself..

Hey youhhh...
Yes, you!! Stop being unhappy with urself.. You are perfect!
Stop wishing u looked like sum1 else or wishing people liked u as much as they like sum1 else..
Stop trying to get attention from those who hurt u..
Stop hating ur body, ur face, ur personality and ur quirks.. Love them!
Without those things u wouldn't be u..
And why would u want to be anyone else?
Be confident with who u are, smile!
It'll draw people in.. If anyone hates on u because u are happy with urself then u stick ur middle finger in the air and say screw it..
My happiness will not depend on others anymore..
I'm happy because i love who i am.. I love my flaws.. I love my imperfections..
They make me me..And 'me' is pretty amazing..

Go and get ur life ^^

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