Saturday, January 1, 2011

What Hurts The Most... ❤

its like my heart longs for soul dies for eyes cry for empty arms reach out for u..time will make u forget me, but u dont knoe time will make me love u more than before..nothng is more painful than losing u,and still wanting can make me happy but often times it hurts..i had a dream before and it was about u..then i noticed a tear fell from my eyes..u knoe y?? cz only in my dream i can see u...and every time i close my eyes,all i see is u and u're the 1 i've alwez wished for...

shud i hate u bcoz u hurt me?? or shud i love u bcoz u make me feel happy even for a while..?? now i believe when people say love is i must have been blind to love sum1 like can u break my heart so many times and can tell me u still love me??? how could u....but i will alwez love u..i juz wont love the way u treated me..

1 day u will seek love and be sorry dat u threw mine heart fought for wut it my heart is having to fight to let u go..sumtimes i juz remember u said u didn't want to see me get does dat mean u closed ur eyes when i cried?? only u hve the answer...

u knoe wut,its really hurts when u expected so much more from the person u once loved so much..i wish i was lost my mind so dat i can forget evrythng bout u..easy huh?? but its not! its like my mind knoe wut is right but my heart is being retarded and still cares..try ask me how many times my heart has been broken??and i will tell its more than enuff for u to scared to fall in love again...

how can i lose sumthng dat i never had?? y is it easy to fall in love and yet so hard to be loved back? y do i have to fall if its u i cant have..? y is there a "u" in "me"..but never a "me" in "u".. it hurts the most when u can actually feel ur heart breaking..true love never dies as we see in our eyes,only when we let go dat we can truly say gudbye..

alwez remember dat love can sumtimes be magic..but magic can sumtimes..juz be an illusion..when u are in love and u get hurt,its like a will heal but there will alwez b a scar...i miss u a little,i guess u could say,a little too much,a little too often..and a little more each day..

i wish i had the guts to walk away and forget bout wut we had..but i cant bcoz i knoe u wont come after me..and i guess dat is wut hurts the most..time goes by a lot slower when u miss the one u love..u hurt me more than i deserve,how can u be so cruel?? and i love u more than u deserve,y i'm such a fool? every few nites u came into my dreams..i juz cant get rid of u like u got rid of me..

days continue to pass..y do i still have tears in my eyes until now? when he was never mine? shud i cry bcoz dat is all he is?? is hardest time for me cz i still love u but i have to let u go..without any choice..y did u leave?? y? love hurts but so does life...i dont miss him! i miss who i thought he was... it hurts me the most!

i dont regret the things i've done with u..i juz regret the things i didn't do when i had the chance..1 thing u never knoe is,u're the only person who can make me smile even when i'm crying..thnx for being a part of my life before dis..and u're the best thing dat ever happened to me..


Go and get ur life ^^

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