Friday, January 21, 2011

time to make over.. ;)

monink olz!! new dash here..hahahaha..x dela..btw juz nk share wut will i do after break up ngan bf bebaru ni..haha..guess wut will i do??hahai will do make over for myself!!

y must i do dat??haha..gud ques! cz i wanna be sum1 new n get rip off from my bad memories..n the most important is i want find back my confident again..x semestinya pmpn yg d tinggalkn BF or d lukai mesti jadi pmpn yg sgt hodoh..sgt UGLY BETTY aite..!?dgr pn x sedap apetah lg kalo d pandang..wee ;p

so as pmpn..even we fail before it doesnt mean we fail must go keep moving n look dats wut i do..i go for sumthing dat can make me feel happy at the same time look beautiful..haha..perasan suda...x kesah la..janji ape salahnya da penat2 keje ni habiskan duit utk make over from A-Z.. ;p

checlist :

> salon
> mani and pedicure
> shopping
> slimming

mungkin tu je kot buat sementara waktu ni..tu pn tgk bajet cukup x..hahahaha..ok gulz!!xoxo!

Go and get ur life ^^

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